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Mustangs Football - Three Sport Athletes Recognized

Congratulations to our three sports athletes of the 21-22 school year. These football players were awarded a dog tag that states: “I WILL GIVE MY ALL FOR MIDDLE CREEK FOOTBALL TODAY”. Our three sports athletes were: Grant Garey, Will Rudisill, Jason Bardascino, Michael Beatty, Brandon Ihle, Carter Jacobs, Xavier Deloach, Ethan Deloach, Justice Durrett, Jackson Hayes, Braylon Stewart, Brady Proctor, Malachi Biggs, Austin Smith, Andrew Katafiasz, Aiden Coombs, Charlie Crumpler.

Pros of Multi-Sport Athletes

  • Developing Different Skills – Typically athletes who participate in multiple sports have the ability to develop skills that complement other sports. For example, if a football player runs track or plays basketball, he can further improve his footwork and hand-eye coordination. Although footwork and hand-eye coordination are not the same, understanding how to use those body parts makes it easier for athletes to improve in all sports.

  • Minimal Burnout – It’s no secret that nowadays athletes struggle with burnout. For most athletes being pushed to play year round can cause them to lose the passion they once had. And usually, this means they won’t have the desire to play in college.

  • Choosing One Sport – A major difficulty for elite athletes is deciding which sport they want to play in college. Unlike the great Bo Jackson, most athletes don’t play multiple sports in college. So, it can be hard for someone who is a standout football and baseball player or softball and soccer stud to choose between sports.

  • The Risk of Injury in Other Sports – Again, injuries are a common part of athletics. It’s not often that a player will play their whole career without some injury. But a problem for multiple sport athletes is getting injured in a sport that they play in their offseason. That injury could cause problems for them in their main sport or worse; they could miss time in their primary sport.

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